Direction and formation of a new solo project

New songs were being written for a band called World Of Lies. Only problem was that many of the parts being written didnt sound like WOL. Sounded more like Tony Avila's old crust band Sccenes From The Struggle. As much as he tried to write more metal stuff for WOL, all these crust parts kept coming to him. He decided to me a whole new band and avenue for this material. Once that happened, he looked back to SFTS and got back in that mindset. The songs almost seem to write themselves at that point.

Band names started to be considered. One name came up and seemed really fitting for the band. It was a name that not only sounds cool for this band but gave insight into how or why many of us got into the underground scene in the 1st place. Not being accepted, wanted, talked to, ignored, not being good enough, etc. The invisible lines and fence of division. On one side of this invisible fence things are positive, you are accepted and it's much easier to thrive. On the other, it's the opposite. So the band name has alot to do with the social conditions in which invisible lines are drawn between individuals and or groups of people that keep us divided rather than united. Basiclly embracing we are on the wrong side of the fence or invisible lines.

Music: crust, old school, same mindset as Scenes From The Struggle. Band name: Why Won't You Die.

Logo by Jason-Jamal Jennings