2015.6.1 - New band members

Around June 20th 2015 there was a full length record written, band name chosen & logo drawn up. Musicaians were being considered and Zach Hartman joined on drums. Less than 2 weeks after he joined we booked our 1st show. Alex Huddleston was asked to fill in on bass for the 1st few shows but decided to stay on. Alex Miletich, a good friend and band mate of Alex Huddleston heard the music and wanted in. He joined on 2nd gutiar 2 and a half weeks before our 1st show.

All demo tracks recorded available on line are when WWYD was a solo project and all instruments and voices are Tony Avila. We are currently working on a new rerecording of the songs from the album with the full band as well as writing new material.

Line up as of 8.1.2015 from left to right:

Alex Huddleston - Bass
Alex Miletich - Guitar and vocals
Tony Avila - Lead Vocals and guitar
Zach Hartman - Drums

Photo by Ami Lawless @AmiLawless