March 12th, 2018
Zach Hartman is in surgery currently after horrific car crash.

Pictured left to right

Tony Avila. Zach Hartmann & Alex Miletich

Anyone who knows our drummer Zach Hartman, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Zach was hit by another driver going about 60 mph in a head on collision March 11th in Washougal.

Zach is conscious and alive. Both of his legs are broken in multiple places but he can feel them and he is not paralyzed. One of the bones in his legs went through an artery and he is in surgery currently. The driver that hit him was pronounced dead at the scene, so it’s a miracle that Zach is alive right now.

Will post updates as they come.

3/15 Update

“Zach left ICU Monday afternoon & yesterday he had two surgeries: one to insert a rod into his left femur to repair the breaks by his knee, & a second on his right foot which was the tougher and longest of the two surgeries. Friday he will have surgery on his left foot. Today was his first day of physical therapy. He was able to sit up and slide his legs over to the edge of the bed. He’s got 12 weeks of recovery ahead of him until he can walk again."

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4/6 Update

Zach is healing up a lot faster than expected which is great! Michael will be filling in for him until he's recovered.