Controlling Seeds

Lyrics and music by Tony Avila

The breeders discovered a way to control 
Yield, protein quality, disease resistance and more 
Using hybrid breeding techniques 
Highly beneficial to the companies selling seeds 

Seed companies created dependence 
With a monopoly on seeds 
Controlling parent lines 
Selling only hybrids 

Hybrid breeding techniques 
Takes 2 parent lines create 
Hybrids are only stable for one generation 
The seeds don’t reproduce 

Smaller seed companies were assimilated 
By chemical and pharmaceutical companies 
Hybrids are a dead end and do not evolve 
Which keeps you coming back for more 

Seed Monopolies (x2) 

Concentrating power into the hands of the few 
Manipulating the food supply, only benefiting you 
Sustainable agriculture gone, yes we’ve been robbed 
It’s time to find out what we can do.

Seed Monopolies (x4)